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About Us

To become the national leader in marine and industrial technology solutions in 2025

To give each client the adjusted solution to their requirements, surpassing their expectations of quality

We are a company with more than 16 years in the market providing products, value-added services and technology solutions, automation, integration to the Industrial Sector, Mining, Maritime and government.



We are supported with more than 16 years providing value added products and the highest quality.

Global Presence

Our international strategic partners, leaders in ther field, guarantee the quality of our products and technical support from the factory.

Ability to perform Megaprojects

High working capacity allows us to satisfy the demand of our most demanding customers

Quality and Efficiency

Our main goal is that our products and services contribute to customer growth.

Customer Focus

Standing after sales support on parts and services.

Permanent Stock

Permanent aftermarket parts and service support.



A.W.Faber Castell Peruana S.A.
Abrasivos S.A.
Asociación Editorial Bruño
Corporación Rey S.A.
Compañía Universal Textil S.A.
Contipaper S.A.C
Editorial Bruño
Peruplast S.A.
Lima Airport Partners S.R.L.
Litho Lser S.A.
Coresa S.A.
Metalpren S.A.

We have customers in various sectors such as; Maritime and Defense, Paper Industry, Plastics, Textiles, Mining, Fishing, Cement, Graphic, Metallurgy, Heavy Industry and other places where control of pneumatic or hydraulic energy are needed, even in harsh environments or hazardous.